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Performance analytics

Brokers and property managers need to understand where they are to know where they need to be.


Changes in the economic, regulatory and competitive landscape exert mounting pressure to provide faster and more accurate data, as well as cut costs, and drive profitability.  In today’s challenging economy there has rarely been a more critical time to ensure that your brokerage performance is optimal. 

Performance Analytics plays a key role meeting this objective by identifying opportunities to cut expenses, increase agent / property manager effectiveness and output, retain customers, save sales  / management accounts, and grow revenues. 

Alert brokers and property managers are now realizing that they can make better resource allocation decisions based on broader trends with smarter analysis of their existing business processes. They are using Performance Analytics to evaluate and enhance their revenue-generating capabilities, especially when it comes to critical issues like agent / property manager performance or customer retention.

Performance Analytics gives brokers and property managers the tools to…

·  Improve agent and staff productivity

·  Upsell services and expand sales

·  Take advantage of specific opportunities & trends

·   Identify and rapidly address deficiencies

All of which can maximize your revenue while minimizing your costs and expenses.  You may be asking for x $ for your services, but Performance Analytics can open the door to see and realize the opportunities for x $ plus  in just a short time.

In this dynamic market environment Performance Analytics have shifted from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ for brokers and property mangers who want the maximum performance and return from their business.  

business development


Sales brokerages and property management firms today operate in a more challenging environment than ever. Changes in the economic, regulatory and competitive landscape exert mounting pressure on companies to provide faster and more accurate data, as well as cut costs, drive profitability and enhance transparency in financial reporting.

Business Development Services can help your company improve the value of its Agents, Property Managers, Staff, and  operational business processes. 

​A comprehensive approach addresses the performance of people, processes and technology, focusing on methods for improving efficiency, reducing costs and creating value. The goal is to help improve your business in a number of core areas:

Agent/Manager Training — Developing and delivering target specific training to improve Agent/Manager performance

Saff Training — Developing and delivering training programs to improve Staff performance

Business Transformation Assessment — Identify  the opportunities for reducing costs in processes while increasing the value they provide to your business

Business Process Engineering — Streamline operational and back-office/support business processes to create efficiencies and reduce costs

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting — Improve your organization’s ability to execute business services and achieve goals by aligning operational and financial plans

Business Intelligence — Make more informed, proactive, and effective business decisions by creating relevant and timely management information systems

Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Partnerships — Achieve cost savings associated with purchased materials, goods, and services while maintaining or improving service levels and generating business referral from suppliers and vendors

Revenue Enhancement — Identify short and long-term methods to increase revenue and exploit underutilized business opportunities

Finance Transformation — Create substantial benefits for the entire company by reinventing your finance and accounting structure

risk   management


Risk Management Services are designed to empower Agents, Property Managers, and Brokers to achieve greatest level of benefits at the lowest level of acceptable risk by managing risk/reward relationship in the regulated business of real estate practice.

 The primary focus is protection and promotion of the Brokerage’s business, license, and income. The most important element in that focus are the Agents and Property Managers.  Because the Brokerage is directly accountable and liable for its Agents and Property Managers - ensuring proper and profitable business practices is essential for long-term success.  

​Risk Management services employ real world experience and professional expertise to provide the tools and practices which foster a climate of sustainable business growth.

Planning and Evaluation

Review business objectives and areas of practice
Developing business policies and procedures
Creating appropriate control and compliance mechanisms


Federal and Florida statutes, rules, and regulation
NAR, FAR, and Local Realtor Association Standards
MFRMLS Standards
Security Deposit Claim / Eviction Standards
Brokerage forms, records, and files
Office Audit


Board of Realtor Complaints / Grievance / Arbitration
FREC Complaints
Florida Department of Consumer Services Complaints
Florida Department of Financial Services Complaints
Better Business Bureau Complaints
Online Reviews – Negative Comments
First Review of Legal / Litigation Issues